CERC Research Seminar – October 2021 (Joint seminar with China-Canada bioenergy Centre)

CERC Research Seminar – October 2021 (Joint seminar with China-Canada bioenergy Centre)

Joint seminar with China-Canada bioenergy Centre

Development of biomass pyrolysis polygeneration and pyrolysis product upgrading

October 21, 2021 @ 4:00 PM


As the only carbon contained renewable energy resources, the utilization of biomass is the key for the problem between energy and environment. Pyrolysis can convert biomass to gas fuel, liquid oil and solid char efficiently, it can convert biomass to high quality fuel, and is one of the main route for biomass utilization. Technology of polygeneration based on biomass pyrolysis was put forward with target product controlling theory, and the operation experiment on the pilot and commercial size had also finished. The volume content of combustible composition in bio-gas would be above 70 vol %, especially, the volume content of CH4 would be above 22 vol %, while the LHV of gas would up to 15 MJ/Nm3. It is a good quality gaseous fuel for user. At the same time, a higher performance on the adsorption and combustion was obtained for the solid char product while the liquid oil was enriched more light weight composition such as phenols and acetic acid. The technology economic and environmental analysis shown that this technology has a good economy and environment performance compared with other biomass conversion technology. A further upgrading of the pyrolytic products for H2 rich gas fuel, liquid chemicals and solid carbon contained materials were carried out. For example, after nitrogen doping, the char product was converted to a good electrode material with the specific capacitance ~300 F/g. It will be expected as a better biomass conversion technology to enhance the utilization level of abundant biomass resources in China.


Prof. Yang’ research is focused on Biomass pyrolysis/gasification for H2 enriched gas fuel, liquid bio oil and carbon contained materials and chemicals, also working on the fundamental mechanism exploration of biomass thermochemical conversion process. So far, she has published over 200 SCI papers, and 8 were cited in ESI, and the highest SCI cite for 1 paper is over 3000. Now she owns Newton Advanced Fellowships (2018) and the Most Cited Chinese Researchers (Elsevier, 2014-2020) and the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars program in 2016 (China) and Distinguished Young Scholars Program in 2021. She is associated editor of Fuel Processing Technology, and board member of Energy Conversion and Management, Fuel, Journal of the Energy Institute, and Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis.

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