Electro-and-Photo-Chemical Energy System

Electro-and-Photo-Chemical Energy System

At CERC, we aimed at addressing the universal problems related to the environment change by providing clean and sustainable energy solutions.

The electro and photo chemical energy systems provide efficient ways of harvesting the energy from the renewables (sun and wind), storing the energy to resolve intermittency supply issues (batteries) and transforming the energy for household and portable energy application, and for generating useful chemicals or fuels (green H2 etc.). From computational to experimental tools, our research team is involved in discovering advanced photo and electro active materials, designing new devices and systems, and developing mathematical models to predict the real time scenarios.

Challenges and Opportunities

Although photo and electrochemical systems can provide cleaner and sustainable energy solutions, the engineering challenges and the cost associated with these systems prevent them from entering the profitable market. However, with the recent development in the cost-effective production of solar cells technology as well as in the optimization of battery and electrolyzer operations, it is possible that these systems will replace conventional fossil fuel-based energy system soon. With strong support from the Canadian government and industrial sector, CERC team is committed to overcome short- and long-term challenges associated with these systems.

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