Policy analyses of clean energy systems

We identify, develop, and evaluate projects that focus on clean technologies and their interaction with the global environment and human systems.


  • Hydrogen-Enriched Natural Gas (HENG) to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    from Natural Gas (Research summary)
  • Combustion for Propulsion and Power Laboratory (Research summary)

Challenges and Opportunities

The Sustainable Development Goal 7 focuses on affordable and clean energy. This includes ensuring access to affordable and sustainable energy to all. In the past couple of decades, there has been a rapid transition to clean and renewable energy.  While technological innovation has been at the heart of this transition, policies enabling easy access, continued adoption, and affordability are essential. The UBC CERC Policy Analysis for Clean Energy cluster is an interdisciplinary group that conducts leading research on public policy, energy security, sustainable energy systems, and technological innovation. There are also tremendous opportunities for policy-driven just and equitable transition to clean energy.

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