CERC Seminar – Moving from a fossil fuels to a green economy: review of recent research work by the SFU Clean Energy Research Group

The exigencies of climate change require a complete transformation in socio-economic systems. The work thus far on climate change has been limited to technical and economic warning of disaster, with few concrete or politically acceptable paths forward mapped out.

In this talk, Andy Hira reviews some of the recent research completed by him and his research group.

The first topic is the circular economy, joint project completed with UNCTAD last year. The special edition of Journal of Developing Societies synthesized efforts to shift industries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia to a more circular foundation.

The second topic is Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG reporting and is the subject of a book published by Anthem coming out later this year. This topic refers to efforts towards divestment and accurate reporting of corporate activities in regard to both emissions and human rights violations in their supply chains.

The third topic is a recently published report on BC’s attempt to build a Liquefied Natural Gas sector, available on the CERG website.  The paper argues that the LNG play by the provincial government was misguided on both the economic and financial as well as the environmental fronts. The paper reveals flaws in the way that major policy decisions are made in Canada

Date:  March 27
Time:  11:00 AM

Andy Hira is Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Political Science at Simon Fraser University. As the Director of the Clean Energy Research Group (https://www.sfu.ca/politics/CERG.html), he helps to direct and write policy papers related to BC energy issues. His recent and forthcoming works include a special edition of the Journal of Developing Societies on circular economy project lessons from Africa and South Asia; a forthcoming CERG paper on BC’s LNG play; and a new book on the challenges of climate change investment given faulty corporate social responsibility reporting systems.