Development of integrated sensors for environmental and clean technology applications

Development of integrated sensors for environmental and clean technology applications

CERC Seminar 2023

January 25, 2023 @ 11:00 AM


Alternative fuel sources, such as hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HENG), are highly sought after by
governments globally for lowering carbon emissions. Consequently, the recognition of hydrogen as a
valuable zero-emission energy carrier has increased, resulting in many countries attempting to enrich
natural gas with hydrogen; however, there are rising concerns over the safe use, storage, and transport of
H2 due to its characteristics such as flammability, combustion, and explosivity at low concentrations (4 vol
%), requiring highly sensitive and selective sensors for safety monitoring. Our framework detects
concentrations of simulated HENG based on time-series data collected from a patent-pending microfluidicbased
detector. We have also developed machine learning models for predicting the presence and
concentration of NG odorants from the same sensor data. Furthermore, our team is exploring the
integration of these sensors with technically reliable membranes that can be used for HENG purification or
extraction for onshore or offshore applications.


Mina Hoorfar is a Professor and Dean at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at the University
of Victoria (UVic) where she leads the Microfluidics and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MiNa Lab). She is
known nationally and internationally for her research and innovation in the areas of flow for her research
and innovation in the area of flow in microstructures, straddling the fields of fluid mechanics, biochemistry,
and fabrication of biosensors and gas sensors. Her multidisciplinary research has resulted in wide and varied
applications, such as easier and faster detection of pathogens in drinking water, and air quality monitors in
collaboration with industrial partners in oil and gas, municipalities and life sciences sectors.

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